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Free and flexible with solar panels by SOLARA

SOLARA Solaranlagen für Wohnwagen

On the road in your camper you can drift away and drive where ever you want. Even in the deepest wild without any connection to the grid thanks to SOLARA-modules you don’t have to give up your stable power source. The drink in the evening, whether beer or white wine, is definitely well chilled – the photovoltaic modules on top of your mobil home will take care of that.

With our SOLARA-modules for your camper you get

  • Proven solar technology for over 20 years – Made in Germany
  • Top material quality – excellent workmanship – with long-term guarantees
  • Particularly high electricity yields e.g. with back-contact high-tech solar cells with optimal low-light performance (even under diffuse light)
  • Tested under the toughest conditions and passed every test!
  • Matching charge controllers and inverters from premium manufacturers with a 5-year guarantee
  • Service whenever you need us – test us!

Bei SOLARA gibt’s die große Auswahl

Komplettsets, mobile Solarmodule, Solarmodule leicht, flexibel ohne Rahmen, Solarmodule mit Rahmen, Montagesysteme, Laderegler, Zubehör uvm. – Qualität Made in Germany!

SOLARA Solaranlagen Starter Pack

Solar Komplettsets

Komplettsets mit Solarmodul, Laderegler usw.

SOLARA Solaranlagen - mobile Solarmodule

Mobile Solarmodule

Mobile Solarmodule. Kompakt, klappbar, robust

SOLARA Solarmodule ohne Rahmen

Solarmodule rahmenlos

Solarmodule, ohne Rahmen. Leicht, flexibel, begehbar, klebbar

SOLARA Solarmodule mit Rahmen

Solarmodule mit Rahmen

Solarmodule, mit Rahmen. Robust, Leistungsstark, bis 190Wp



Montagesysteme. ABS-Haltespoiler, Dachdurchführung

SOLARA Profi Pack Laderegler

Laderegler & Anzeigen

Laderegler und Anzeigen mit vielfältigen Funktionen

This is how a solar power plant works

Are you interested in the idea of covering the power needs of your motorhome or camper in the future with a solar power system? Then you have come to the right place. With our simple guide you will get step by step to the optimal solar power system, which is ideally adjusted to your individual power consumption.

SOLARA Funktionsweise einer Solaranlage Grafik

For your RV or caravan you need as shown in the drawing:

  1. One or more solar modules (e,g., s-series) for power generation
  2. ABS-holding spoiler in an appealing white to securely mount the solar panel
  3. Specialized adhesive set for securely gluing the ABS-holding spoilers to to your vehicle roof
  4. Cable tunnel (Art.-No. DD1, in white) for waterproof and permanent routing of the cable from the solar panel to the charge controller
  5. Charge controller with LED-display for monitoring the battery and charge and also to protect the battery against overcharging and reverse currents
  6. UV-resistant cable to connect the solar panel with the charge controller and the battery

In addition you need a battery and possibly an inverter for 230V for household current, as long as they are not already on board. You can buy the components individually or as a SOLARA set.

In two steps to your SOLARA-complete-solar-power-system for your camper

Step 1: Determination of your daily power requirement

To find out how big your solar system should be for your motorhome, camper, van, caravan etc., you have to take a closer look at your consumers and their energy requirements. This depends on the number of devices, the power consumption of the device and the daily switch-on time. In addition, the number of people and the period of use within a year influence the energy consumption.

Sum up the energy consumption of your camper etc. according to the table below – the result is your daily power requirement (Wh/d, wtt hours per day). Depending on your consumption behaviour and the time of use within a year, this consumption should be more or less covered by the solar system.

Device Power Rating Operating time Consumption
Radio 15 W 4 hours 60 Wh/d
Color-TV 40 W 3 hours 120 Wh/d
SAT Receiver 40 W 3 hours 120 Wh/d
Lampen 10 W 5 hours 50 Wh/d
Mobile phone 5 W 2 hours 10 Wh/d
Tablet/ laptop 10 W 2 hours 20 Wh/d

The outcome in this example: with a power consumption of 680Wh/d you would require in the summer time a solar panel of 160Wp (watt peak = maximum power) we recommend you a SOLARA complete system with SOLARA modules of the highest quality including optimized for that a quality-charge controller and a mounting system from our own research with TÜV-tested security.

Here you see a SOLARA complete set for the leisure usages. We have optimized it for different energy needs. Therefore, they are available in different designs and performance levels.

Please consider when choosing the set or module for your RV, when and how often you are on the track. When in doubt, the best way is to go with the next higher performance class than the estimated or an additional module. This gives you more energy security, and a faster charge.

Step 2: Selection of the SOLARA complete set for your individual daily power requirements

Based on the calculated electricity requiremen, select one of the following sets.

All SOLARA complete sets consist of high-quality SOLARA solar modules – Made in Germany, matching charge controlers, holding spoilers, mounting system with adhesive set for easy installation on the roof of a camper or motorhome, as well as with solar cables and understandable assembly instructions.

SOLARA Complete Sets

SOLARA Profi Pack

SOLARA Profi Pack

SOLARA Premium Pack

SOLARA Premium Pack

SOLARA Power Pack

SOLARA Power Pack