Solar panels with frames

Solar modules with frames are used for easy mounting with SOLARA mounting systems or other constructions. The sturdy aluminium frame of SOLARA solar modules is very robust and absolutely weather and salt water resistant. The frame gives the solar module the necessary stability for free and rear-ventilated mounting and protects against mechanical loads such as wind, snow, etc.

SOLARA Solarmodule mit Rahmen

You can find solar panels light, flat and without frame on our page “Solar panels without frame”

Solar modules without frames are glued or screwed directly onto the vehicle roof or boat deck. On a stable surface, the SOLARA modules can be walked on. The surface (Nowolon) is non-slip and dirt-repellent like Teflon. The coated aluminium sandwich carrier plate stabilises the solar module and dissipates heat.

SOLARA Solarmodule ohne Rahmen

Mobile solar panels, light and foldable can be found on our page “Solar modules mobile series”

The SOLARA solar panels of the Power Mobil series are used wherever a permanent installation is not possible. Ideal for campers, mobile homes, vans and caravans, but of course also on boats and sailing yachts. In remote areas of the world, on expeditions and adventure tours, these SOLARA solar panels are used for independent power generation.

SOLARA Mobile Serie

There is a large selection at SOLARA – five different solar panels series with frames

SOLARA Power S-Series

SOLARA Power S-Serie

High-end solar modules – high-performance solar cells for more solar power more »



The classics – Solar modules absolutely robust and reliable more »

SOLARA S-Series Vision

SOLARA S-Serie Vison

Glass/glass top quality extremely robust also for the professional more »

DCsolar Ecolux HV-Series

Inexpensive alternative – high quality with back-contact solar cells more »

DCsolar Ecolux-Series

Inexpensive alternative – with 4 or 6 extra monocrystalline solar cells more »

All solar modules with frame from SOLARA at a glance

Here in the table and with all details in our catalogue for download – click here!

Solar panel series Type Average yield in summer (Wh/d) Nominal capacity (Wp) Dimensions More details
SOLARA POWER S-Series S555M36 555 125 1250x550x35 More »
SOLARA POWER S-Series S705M44 705 160 1500x550x35 More »
SOLARA S-Series S380M36 380 95 1500x350x35 More »
SOLARA S-Series S480M45 480 120 1250x550x35 More »
SOLARA S-Series S760M36 760 190 1500x680x35 More »
SOLARA S-Series Vision S450M42 440 110 1250x5570x35 More »
SOLARA S-Series Vision S770M36 760 190 1500x680x35 More »
DCsolar Ecolux HV-Series E480M72 480 110 1065x550x35 More »
DCsolar Ecolux HV-Series E440M44 440 100 1410x400x35 More »
DCsolar Ecolux HV-Series E835M72 835 190 1500x680x35 More »
DCsolar Ecolux-Series E300M39 300 75 630x660x35 More »
DCsolar Ecolux-Series E440M42/S 440 110 1065x550x35 More »

Top quality made in Germany

Solar modules from SOLARA – all tests passed

SOLARA solar panels are used wherever there is no reliable power supply available: on motorhomes, caravans, mobile homes, vans and campers, as well as sailboats and yachts. Often also in remote areas of the world and at sea. In technical facilities, traffic control and telecommunication systems, SOLARA solar systems are used for off-grid power generation.

Solar panels from SOLARA are designed in such a way that they can withstand larger climatic loads without any problems. They are extremely robust, flexible in use and make optimal use of unfavorable lighting conditions for energy generation.

SOLARA Qualitätsprüfungen fertiger Solarmodule

Quality tests of manufactured solar modules in the laboratory of SOLARA solar module production - the basis of our top quality Made in Germany

SOLARA Solarmodulfabrik

Laboratory in the SOLARA solar module factory for checking the material quality before processing

To ensure the quality and performance of the SOLARA product range, the modules are manufactured in Germany. Each solar module is tested and certified according to strict quality standards under ISO conditions. After completion, each solar module is individually measured under internationally recognised STC conditions and registered by means of an unalterable serial number.


SOLARA solar technology is tested under the harshest conditions. The solar panels meet international standards and tests. The solar panels from SOLARA have also successfully passed all of the following tests for over 20 years.

  • Mechanical stress tests
  • Weather resistance of the cell embedding
  • Climate test of the entire module
  • Salt water resistance test
  • Degradation test
  • Test for micro-defects in the cells
  • Stability of the solder connections
  • In-house tests in our own facilities

SOLARA solar panels – Top quality made in Germany since 20 years

  • High quality of service before and after purchase
  • High yields and long-term guarantees
  • High- quality additional components from premium manufacturers
  • Best material quality and processing
Logo Quality made in Germany


High-end solar panels for maximum daily yield

SOLARA Power S-Serie

Highest daily yield with Sunpower solar cells

  • Excessive number of cells for maximum daily yield
  • Solar cells with over 23% efficiency
  • Excellent mechanical strength thanks to the torsion-resistant module frame
  • Large, waterproof junction box with connection cable, MC4 compatible

Used materials

Cell technology Sunpower, monocrystalline with back-side contact
Front Tempered solar glass
Module frame Anodised hollow chamber profile frame in black
Junction box IP67 with MC4 compatible connector

Long service life even under extreme conditions

  • Use of 2.0 mm thick, scratch-resistant, thermally hardened solar glass
  • Excellent mechanical strength thanks to the
  • torsion-resistant module frame
  • Specially developed for permanent use in extreme
  • heat and high air humidity
Type S555M36 S705M44
Average daily yield in summer Wh/d 555 705
Nominal capacity (Pmpp) Wp* 125 160
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 1250x550x35 1500x550x35
Weight kg 6.6 9.5


The classics – Solar panels absolutely robust and reliable


Robust and reliable developed for mobile use

  • Solar panels with 36/45 high-performance solar cells
  • Developed and manufactured for permanent use at sea and on land
  • Robust, seawater-resistant, torsion-resistant aluminium profile frame
  • Resistant to ammonia, salt water and hail
  • Manufacturing exclusively in Germany

Used materials

Cell technology Monocrystalline PERC
Front Tempered solar glass
Module frame Anodised hollow chamber profile frame in silver
Junction box IP67 with MC4 compatible connector

SOLARA S-Series – proven quality for over 20 years

  • Drainage holes in the frame to prevent frost damage
  • Large, waterproof junction box with connection cable, MC4 compatible
  • Weatherproof and waterproof back protection film for the highest life expectancy, even under extreme climatic condition
Type S380P36 S480M45 S760M36
Average daily yield in summer Wh/d 380 480 760
Nominal capacity (Pmpp) Wp* 95 120 190
Dimension (LxWxH) mm 1500x350x35 1250x550x35 1500x680x35
Weight kg 7.9 6.6 10.5

SOLARA S-Series Vision

glass-glass solar panels with very special advantages

SOLARA S-Serie Vision

Indestructible thanks to the unique glas/glass technology

  • Robust, seawater-resistant aluminium profile frame
  • Fully walkable
  • Suitable for tropical roof and suitable for off-road use
  • Large, waterproof junction box with connection cable, MC4
  • Suitable for use even under extreme climatic conditions
  • Developed and manufactured for permanent use at sea and on land
  • Manufacturing exclusively in Germany

Used materials

Cell technology Monocrystalline PERC
Front and back Tempered solar glass
Module frame Anodised hollow chamber profile frame in silver
Junction box IP67 with MC4 compatible connector

Top quality also for professional use

  • Lifespan 40 years (compared to 20-30 years of glass/foil modules), that means excellent resistance to ageing
  • Higher strength and therefore fewer micro cracks in the solar cells
  • Greater protection against mechanical stress and fire
  • Resistant to salt water and ammonia
  • Anti-reflective glass for maximum light output
  • Weight almost the same as comparable for glass/foil modules (by using hardened thin glass)
Type S450M42 S770M36
Average daily yield in summer Wh/d 440 760
Nominal capacity (Pmpp) Wp* 110 190
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 1250x557x35 1500x680x35
Weight kg 9.4 13.5

DCsolar top-quality from SOLARA

More and more customers are demanding an inexpensive alternative in classic quality. Good and cheap SOLARA produces the DCsolar solar panels produced in Asia.

DCsolar solar modules are developed by SOLARA in Germany. Tested and certified production facilities in Asia produce DCsolar modules according to these specifications.

You have the choice: Premium quality made in Germany or DCsolar classic from Asia

DCSolar Logo

DCsolar panels can be combined with all high-quality SOLARA mounting systems and charge controllers. The DCsolar complete sets in SOLARA quality have a very attractive price.

SOLARA has been granting a three-year product guarantee on DCsolar solar modules since February 2021. Another proof of quality and unique in this product group. Details of the warranty conditions on this homepage under Download.

3 years product guarantee SOLARA

DCsolar Ecolux HV-Series

Top performance – developed for the highest demands

The ultra-modern, back-contacted solar cells have, in addition to a natural, higher cell voltage, excellent low-light and temperature behaviour. Even with low insulation, a sufficiently high voltage is built up to be able to charge the on-board batteries. If there is little space available, the solar modules of the Power E-series are the perfect solution. These solar panels require up to 21% less space compared to a standard crystalline panel and even over 45% less than a conventional thin-film panel (e.g. CIS). In addition, the weight is just under 8.0 kg compared to a comparable 100 watt CIS panel with 16 kg.

Cell technology Sunpower, monocrystalline with back-side contact
Front Tempered solar glass
Module frame Anodised hollow chamber profile frame in black (for the E400M30 also in silver)
Junction box IP65 with MC4 compatible connector


  • SunPower cells with over 23 % efficiency
  • Highest daily yield in the smallest area
  • Best low-light performance
  • Temperature stable voltage
  • Stable hollow profile frame
  • MC4 compatible connector
Type E480M72 E440M44 E835M72
Average daily yield in summer Wh/d 480 440 835
Nominal capacity (Pmpp) Wp* 110 100 190
Dimension (LxWxH) mm 1065 x 550 x 35 1410 x 400 x 35 1500 x 680 x 35
Weight kg 7.2 7.2 10.5
Frame colour black black black

DCsolar Ecolux-Series

SOLARA DCsolar mit Rahmen

The EcoLux series represents solar panels at a high technical level.

We achieve this through the use of state-of-the-art solar cells, materials and manufacturing processes as well as the constant further development and review of our products. Whether as a solar system on your motorhome, sailing ship or holiday home, an EcoLux solar module is a versatile solar panel that can supply you with electricity wherever you want and is completely environmentally friendly.

Cell technology Monocrystalline PERC >22 % efficiency
Frontside Tempered solar glass, hail resistant
Frame Anodised aluminium hollow profile, black
Junction box IP65 with MC4 compatible connector


  • 40/42 monocrystalline high-yield solar cells
  • Extra cells for efficient charging
  • Stable silver hollow profile frame
  • Connection MC4 compatible
  • Translucent solar glass
  • Hail impact tested
  • MC4 compatible connector
Type E300M39 E440M42/S
Average daily yield in summer Wh/d 300 440
Nominal capacity (Pmpp) Wp* 75 110
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 630 x 660 x 35 1065 x 550 x 35
Weight kg 5 7.2
Frame colour silver silver