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SOLARA product catalogs – for mobile applications and stand-alone systems

All products for mobile applications and stand-alone system. As for campers, yachts, garden- and holiday-houses.

SOLARA Katalog

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  • THE SOLARA QUALITY, panel is not just a panel
  • TIPS & TRICKS, Independent energy supply, SOLARA for leisure use
  • SOLARA COMPLETE SETS, SOLARA Starter Pack, Profi Pack, Premium Pack, Power Pack
  • SOLARA PANELS, SOLARA S-Series, Power S-Series, M-Series, Power M-Series
  • CHARGE CONTROLLER, DISPLAYS & ACCESSORIES, SOLARA and MorningStar PWM controller, MorningStar and Victron MPPT controller, FOX digital display and SOLARA accessories
  • ASSEMBLY SYSTEMS, SOLARA ABS retaining spoiler, roof duct, adhesive set, aluminium bracket

SOLARA Product Catalogue Off-Grid Systems – Independent Power Supply


Whether it’s a traffic sign, a radio mast, a sea marker or a hospital at the end of the world. No matter what the application, electricity is becoming increasingly important and SOLARA solar systems provide precisely this energy. Thanks to many years of experience, our engineers can plan exactly the solar system your application needs. With us, you get everything from a single source. Solar modules, electronics, batteries – everything is individually planned and tailored to your needs.


A functioning power grid is not always available, even if this seems to be a matter of course. Poor or inadequate infrastructure is the most common cause. It is even more difficult when there is no electricity grid at all, but you still need a reliable power supply: Here, solar technology is often the only solution. SOLARA offers such solutions: individually planned, tailored to the needs, a properly functioning system with solar power where it is needed.

Solar Panels

SOLARA S-SERIES – Robust and reliable


  • Solar panels with 36/45 high-performance solar cells
  • Robust, seawater resistant aluminium frame
  • Particularly robust and walkable up to 18,000 Pa

SOLARA Vision S SERIES – especially Robust and reliable


  • Solar modules with 36 high-performance solar cells
  • Strong, seawater resistant aluminium frame
  • The glass / glass technology and tempered solar gla
  • Extremely robust and walkable

SOLARA POWER S-SERIES – Highest daily yield guaranteed


  • Elegant and aesthetic design in black finish
  • Slim design – characterised variety of installation methods
  • Excessive number of cells for maximum daily yield
  • Latest cell technology with over 22% efficiency

SOLARA M-SERIES – Extremely flat, accessible and semi flexible


  • Stability and maximum heat dissipation due to innovative aluminium-sandwich support plate
  • Thanks to its unique, extensible Flex connector semi flexible to 3%
  • Fully walkable
  • Non-Stick Teflon, extremely resistant protective film on the front and back of Novoflon
  • Particularly flat glued and screwed cable outlet with strain relief
  • Successful for almost 20 years
  • Grommet already prepared directly through the carrier plate

SOLARA POWER M SERIES – High performance in a very small area


  • Elegant and attractive all-black design
  • Extremely flat module construction with aluminium sandwich support plate
  • Thanks to its unique, innovative cell connectors very flexibly mounted, for example on the cover
  • Fully walkable
  • Cable lead-through already prepared in the carrier plate
  • Cable outlet optimally positioned for use on pop-up roofs

SOLARA POWER mobile-SERIES – Mobile and flexible for every application


  • Flexible use thanks to innovative, fully encircling fabric border
  • Zipper or Velcro connections can be retrofitted or fixation eyelets can be set
  • Space-saving stowage due to foldable module surface
  • Effective battery charging even when the vehicle is in the shade
  • No permanent installation required

SOLARA POWER MOBILPLUS SERIES – power generation innovatively integrated


  • Front windscreen cover integrated, but can also be used separately
  • Quick attachment to the cover by means of zipper-zipper technology
  • Particularly light-sensitive cell technology with over 22% efficiency
  • UV-stable solar connection cable and cable outlet
  • Integrated theft protection

Installation Cell-Protector

Applies only to M-Series solar panels with three wire cable!

The purpose of the cell protector is to prevent overheating of the solar cells (risk of hotspot) when the solar module is partial shaded. This is achieved by the diodes on the circuit board. By standard aluminium framed glass modules these diodes are located in the junction box on the backside of the modules. The bypass diodes can be damaged by power surges and lightning. By fitting into the cap any replacement would be impossible. Therefore the bypass diodes at the M-Series modules are installed in the external cell-protector. Additionally a diode is incorporated on the PC-board to prevent reverse current. Depending on the kind of connection, this protection can be used. However, the Schottky diode produces a voltage drop of about 0.6V.

Charge controllers and displays

SOLARA CHARGE CONTROLLER – Optimally charge batteries

SOLARA controllers charge your battery according to the battery type with a controlled characteristic. We guarantee high reliability, advanced technology and ease of installation at low cost. An optional usable load output can protect your body battery from deep discharge.

MORNINGSTAR Single Circuit Regulator – Charging Batteries Professionally

Top technology from MoningStar with a 5-year product guarantee.
The great variety and the very wide performance range make these regulators always the 1st choice.

MORNINGSTAR TRISTAR – High performance, maximum flexibility
The controller for professional applications. When currents of up to 60A flow and a system voltage of up to 48V is required, the TriStar Series is the suitable charge controller.

The latest generation of Morningstar controller for charging two battery circuits. With the SunSaver Duo series, the starter and body battery are always professionally recharged, even during longer standstill periods.

Extra yield of up to 15-20% per day by MPPT control. Optimal for systems with an increased number of cells in the modules.

VICTRON MPPT REGULATOR – charge with MPPT-technology

In particular, under an overcast sky, when the light intensity is constantly changing, improves an ultra fast MPPT-controller the yields by up to 20%.