A multitude of products and devices have to be supplied with electricity independent of the grid. Either there is no grid connection available or the connection is too expensive and extravagantly. On top of that there are over two billion people on the earth without access to the regular grid.

But without electricity, many devices do not work today. Parking ticket machines, street lighting, as well as the entire communication via mobile phone or internet often only work based on a reliable power supply. SOLARA solar modules and complete stand-alone systems, also known as stand-alone systems or OFF-GRID SYSTEMS, produce the necessary electricity in an environmentally friendly way without emissions. SOLARA has high-quality and affordable solutions for reliable solar electrification. For locations without a suitable power connection or remote regions, we have a self-sufficient solar power supply.

Mobile network and WiFi hotspots with solar power regardless of the location

Image from StockSnap on Pixabay

Image from StockSnap on Pixabay

Cellular networks with solar panels and a WiFi hotspot make the internet wireless. Powerful WiFi mesh networks can be installed anywhere thanks to integrated solar panels or solar cells. They are ideal for public outdoors WiFi networks, in the city or in the country. A mobile WiFi hotspot, e.g. at events such as concerts, sports and games is easily possible with solar power. Locations without a network or internet connection are a thing of the past thanks to solar systems. The future belongs to the fully self-sufficient WiFi hotspot with solar panels. This solar WiFi hotspot can be connected to an existing internet connection via WiFi or LAN.

In addition, the solar WiFi hotspot can also be useful as a range extender for extended range coverage. Places without access to an existing internet connection can be equipped with the latest mobile (5G, 4G, etc.) cell phone routers through the solar mobile radio network and the solar WiFi access point.

Solar powered surveillance camera for outdoor areas

Image by Andreas Lischka on Pixabay

Image by Andreas Lischka on Pixabay

The solar cells enable a night vision function, motion detection, cloud storage, WiFi and remote access via a smartphone, PC or laptop.

The location of the WiFi surveillance camera can be installed anywhere with a small solar system. The solar panels and a battery or accumulator storage make the camera completely independent of the power supply. Daylight converts the high-performance solar cells into electricity to charge the batteries. Energy-saving energy management optimises the camera system and extends the operating time considerably.

Park bench with WiFi and USB-power supply using solar energy

Image of 024-657-834 on Pixabay

Image of 024-657-834 on Pixabay

Just sitting on benches used to be. Today you also want to surf the internet or charge your cell phone – solar energy makes it possible. Solar panels integrated in park benches generate the necessary electricity. The park bench also provides free WiFi. Some may also call them WiFi benches. The smart benches only work with solar power. Integrated photovoltaic panels charge the built-in battery so that power is always available for the USB connection and the WiFi. USB ports built into the WiFi bench enable cell phones, tablets and much more to charge. Inductive charging, i.e. charging without cables can also be possible. Those who want to surf the internet via WiFi can comfortably linger in the green on the solar bench in the future.

Emergency phone with solar power

An Emergency telephone is basically a telephone installation. The Phone is for making calls to emergency services to ask for help. It is mostly required in a place of special danger or isolated places. E.g. in parks, in the woods, on the beach and at the highway. At the majority of these places there will not be any connection for power supply, it lend itself to consider a solar power plant for a stand-alone power supply.

The supply of the emergency telephone with solar power is a fulsome technology and is often already being implemented. Well-known manufacturers offer suitable emergency telephones. For the power supply of the emergency telephones SOLARA solar panels are often used, as SOLARA produces absolutely reliable, robust and long-living solar panels. For example, the SOLARA M-series, without glass cover, is ideal for public areas, as glass damage due to vandalism is excluded. The emergency telephone also operated with solar power is technically a so-called “special means of communication”. Modern emergency telephones are connected via ISDN, IP-telephony (Ethernet) or GSM with an emergency call center or making contact with them if necessary.

New emergency telephones also transmit the location of the telephone through the call. With solar power a so-called polling, the accessibility of the emergency telephone can be checked.

Polling is a regular request for the functionality of the emergency telephone and the solar power supply. The current emergency telephones are usually equipped with an automatic function-control. The emergency telephones check themselves, as well as the speaker and the microphone. The amplification is set automatically and adapted itself to the environment. Signals or lights on the, emergency call button and the emergency telephone are always supplied with reliable solar power in every season.

Wherever there is neither a power connection nor a fixed line telephone network, the emergency call is made on GSM-basis. This is no longer a temporary solution on construction sites and in remote regions. Solar power with solar power plants from SOLARA is ideal for GSM-emergency telephones.

More and more emergency telephones are equipped with voice-over-IP-technology nowadays. The relatively high energy requirements of VoIP-emergency telephones or of the network components can be perfectly covered by the solar technology from SOLARA.

In conclusion, with SOLARA’s solar panels emergency telephones can also be reliably operated away from highways and urban areas without a power and telephone cable connection. In addition, nowadays the solar power supply is cheaper than a power connection and it does not incur any basic charges and power consumption costs.