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Unbuttoned: mobile solar panels from Solara
With their textile edging, the compact modules can be easily attached to sprayhood or bimini and just as easily stowed away

The panels are equipped with Sunpower solar cells on the back and are said to have an efficiency of over 22 percent. The output of the module assembly, which measures around 69 by 63 by 2.5 centimetres, is given as a 102 watt peak. This should allow a little more than 400 watt hours of energy to be gained on a summer day in our latitudes.

The attachment is possible with Velcro, zipper, eyelets or Tenax / LOXX buttons. The weight is given as 4.9 kg. The recommended retail price is 859 euros.

SOLARA Artikel - mobile Solarmodule von SOLARA