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Pure sun energy

The DCsolar-Power-Flex solar modules are available in three sizes with outputs of 110, 120 and 140 watts. They are weatherproofed with a transparent, robust and durable ETFE film on the front and back. This guarantees a long service life even in extreme weather conditions. Thanks to the aluminium carrier plate, the modules can be walked on without any problems on a solid surface and are heat-resistant, as the heat is reliably dissipated. The semi-flexible design also adapts easily to curved surfaces – for example on the cabin roof of a sailing boat. The solar modules are 4 mm thin and weigh between 4.3 and 4.9 kg, depending on their size. A 3-metre cable is permanently installed on each module. The connection to the on-board battery must be made via a charge controller due to the high output. Solara grants a three-year product guarantee on the DCsolar Power Flex solar modules. The modules are available from specialist dealers from 469 euros.