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With Solara’s combination solution, energy is generated on the windscreen. While it is covered and isolated.

Combined solutions are always a good idea in a motorhome. Solar system specialist Solara connects a flexible solar panel with a cover mat for the windscreen in 2017. This set is called Power Mobil Plus.

The insulated mat was developed in collaboration with Projekt Camper and is completely opaque. It is attached to the window with magnets outside the vehicle. The solar panel is attached to the mat with a high-quality YKK zipper. The module produces 102 watts, the cable is routed anywhere in the vehicle and connected to the battery. It is also possible to change the angle of inclination of the solar panel without having to lift the mat off the pane. A security cable with combination lock protects the solar cell from occasional thieves.

The cover is ideal for winter campers when snow covers the solar cells on the roof. This year the set costs 1199 euros, in 2017 the price for the Power Mobil Plus rises from 1299 euros.

Conclusion: great idea. How much power the solar panel really brings could not be tested at the fair.