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… at Walther Grauerholz, one of the three managing partners of Solara

The solar system specialist Solara celebrates its 20th anniversary. What was the biggest challenge in the two decades?
20 years ago, solar power generation (photovoltaic) for mobile homes was fairly unknown. There was great scepticism as to whether the then very expensive solar technology would reliably produce electricity for many years. We didn’t promise too much at the time. Even today there are Solara solar systems that work reliably even under extreme conditions on mountain huts and sea markers. Today, simple assembly and high electricity yield are the most important. Solara has mounting systems and new high-performance solar panels with back-contact solar cells at affordable prices.

Solara sells its products worldwide, but remains loyal to German locations. What is the meaning of Made in Germany?
Those who use solar technology are mostly dependent on (solar) electricity. The most important thing is absolute reliability of all components. We can only ensure that with our production in Germany and our many years of experience.

The demand for solar systems for homes is dependent on the funding. Is the camping industry a good mainstay?

Our specialist dealers and motorhome owners exchange information about Solara products. Just because we have always delivered excellent solar technology has made it a very stable mainstay for us with good annual sales growth.

How will we see solar technology in the future? Would it be conceivable to integrate the panels into the body wall?

Solar power generation is becoming more and more individual, and the multiple benefits are becoming more important. Our latest solar module Power Mobile Plus is the best example. It can shade the windshield and produce electricity. If the vehicle is already in the shade, you can remove the solar panel and place it directly in the sun. Solar panels integrated in the vehicle are absolutely conceivable. The extremely flat, walk-in and semi-flexible M-series comes very close to that.