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Flat and powerful

The company Solara has developed solar modules with the name Power M, which are only 3 millimetres thick and are also relatively light with a weight of 4 to 5 kilograms. The panels flex moderately and are walkable, so they should be well suited for deck mounting. Their surface consists of a transparent, weather-resistant and dirt-repellent film, which makes the panels insensitive to mechanical damage and environmental influences, and regular cleaning should also be unnecessary. According to the manufacturer, the increased number of built-in solar cells and the omission of silver conductors on their surface meant that the power output could be increased by more than 20 percent compared to previous modules on the same surface. Three sizes are currently available with an output of up to 140 watts/peak, which can generate an average of 560 watt hours of electricity per day in northern European summer. The Solara Power M series can be obtained from specialist dealers, prices start at EUR 938 including sales tax.