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10 questions for …
Frank Heise, SOLARA

What’s new in 2019?
Particularly robust solar panels for special applications, e.g. our speciality is for marine signs, external measuring stations and of course off-road vehicles. That is why we are planning further glass-glass solar panels.

The next project?
Tailor-made solutions for different vehicles.

Which product was a hit so far?
Fortunately, we didn’t have a so-called bum. Our fastening systems are an absolute hit.

When and how did you get off-road fever?
Adventure & 4WD 2014. It became clear to us that our robust solar panels are also ideal for off-road vehicles.

Which off-roader do you drive privately?
Offroad often and with pleasure on my mountain bike and while running. However, I don’t (yet) have an off-roader.

And which one would you like to have?
A Defender or Toyota Land Cruiser. However, I have not yet committed myself. There is still considerable need for experience and advice.

If we were to send you on a trip now, you would go to …
The balcony would definitely be my first travel destination.

Why should the customer come to you of all places?
We are certainly one of the solar companies in Germany with the longest and greatest experience of over 20 years! I personally have been in the industry for more than 20 years and vouch for our products so that they keep what we promise!

Your company in three words?
Experience – quality awareness – fast