Lightweight, robust and high performance
The new Solara M-series solar modules now offer seven percent more power. They are available in ten different power classes and sizes. The modules are flat, semi-flexible, without a frame and are glued directly onto the roof. The solar modules of this type have outputs between 12 and 150 watts and start at a weight of 900 grams. With a stable substrate and flat mounting, the Solarmodules of the M-series are walkable and non-slip. A mounting system is not necessary. In addition, the solar modules are particularly light and therefore ideal for vans, campers, panel vans and camping buses. As the solar modules without frame are particularly flat, the body is hardly raised, there are no tripping hazards and no driving or air noises are generated. The lightweight solar modules without frames are available from specialist dealers from 289 euros.

Solara has been involved in generating electricity from sunlight for almost 25 years. Together with his friend and colleague Hans Jacobs, Thomas Rudolph founded Solara in 1996 when he was just 32 years old. After the first steps had taken place in Thomas Rudolph’s garage and living room, it was clear that a real office with a warehouse and a small shop was needed. A suitable domicile was quickly found in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel, Germany.

In the beginning, the founders concentrated almost exclusively on the boat and motorhome market in Germany. They had stands at all the relevant trade fairs and intensive contacts with resellers quickly led to success. “We overcame the scepticism about solar energy and ignorance about its great advantage by emphasising the benefits rather than the technology”, Thomas Rudolph recalls.

Because of the success, the company’s premises soon became too small and the next move to Hamburg-Altona was already on the cards in 1999. In the meantime, the turnover had risen to several million D-Marks. Finally, the company set up its own production facilities. In 2001, Solara’s solar power factory started production. Solara was one of the first big players in Europe. In 2004, a trade magazine not only named Solara the best brand of the year but also supplied the solar modules for what was then the world’s largest rooftop installation for BMW in Dingolfing, Bavaria Germany. Production was constantly expanded, culminating in 2008 in the company`s own 20,000 square metres building in Wismar with a capacity of several hundred megawatts and over 200 employees in Wismar.

To cope with this rapid growth, Solara had merged with other companies in 2006 to form CentroSolar AG under the listed CentroSolar Group AG. By now, Solar has left the CentroSolar Group. Solara continues to be successful with its off-grid applications, such as for sailboats and motorhomes but now also for exceptional electrification in Africa, for expeditions and much more. The company has returned to its headquarters in Hamburg Altona with a revised product portfolio. As before, Solara solar modules come from the solar power factory in Wismar, Germany.