SOLARA Solarmodul für unterwegs

New powerful solar modules from SOLARA

Excellent for sailboats – walkable and seawater resistant

SOLARA’s solar modules, which will be available this spring, are only 3 mm thick and weigh just 4 to 5 kg. Due to the particularly flat design, they can be bent and fully walked on. The surface consists of a new type of weather-resistant and dirt-repellent special foil. A high solar cell density ensures sufficient voltage to charge the battery even at high temperatures. In addition, the silver conductor tracks on the surface of the cell were dispensed with so that more light falls on the monocrystalline high-performance cells. This means that the solar module generates over 20% more electricity than conventional solar modules on the same surface. SOLARA therefore also calls the product the Power M series. There are three sizes with an output of up to 140 watts/peak. In summer, you can generate an average of 560 watt hours of electricity per day. The SOLARA Power M series is available in good specialist shops from 938€.