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DCsolar solar panels, complete sets and mobile solar systems for campers, caravans, vans, off-road, sailing boats and yachts etc.

More and more customers are demanding an inexpensive alternative in classic quality. Good and cheap SOLARA produces the DCsolar solar panels produced in Asia.

DCsolar panels can be combined with all high-quality SOLARA mounting systems and charge controllers. The DCsolar complete sets in SOLARA quality have a very attractive price.

DCsolar solar panels are developed by SOLARA in Germany. Tested and certified production facilities in Asia produce DCsolar panels according to these specifications.

SOLARA grants a three-year product guarantee on DCsolar solar modules since February 2021. Another proof of quality and unique in this product group. Details of the warranty conditions can be found on this homepage under Download.

You have the choice: Premium quality made in Germany or DCsolar classic from Asia

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DCsolar products

Large selection of complete sets, solar panels with and without frames and mobile solar modules in the bag

All products from DCsolar, SOLARA and more details in our catalogue for viewing or downloading – click here!

Complete sets

SOLARA Komplettset

Including solar panel(s), charge controller, retaining spoiler set(s), roof outlet, adhesive set, connection cable, distribution set and installation instructions more »

Solar panels with frames

SOLARA Solarmodul

Stable aluminium frame for easy assembly, very robust, absolutely weather and salt water-resistant more »

Solar panels without frame

SOLARA Solarmodul

Light, flexible and flat – simply stick or screw on. Non-slip and dirt-resistant more »

Mobile solar modules

SOLARA mobile Solarmodul DCsolar Power Move

Light and foldable with charge controller. Inexpensive alternative with high energy output in a small area more »

DCsolar complete sets

With solar panel(s), charge controller, retaining spoiler set(s), roof outlet, adhesive set, connection cable, distribution set and installation instructions

Are you looking for a high-quality solar complete set at a fair price? Then the DCsolar products are exactly the right choice!

DCsolar offers complete sets with solar modules on a high technical level and optimally matched quality charge controllers and mounting systems from our development with TUV-certified safety that has passed all known tests.

The enclosed detailed installation instructions guarantee a problem-free installation, simply plug all components together with the supplied connection cables – ready and go!

DCsolar Power Set MPPT

SOLARA DCsolar Power Set MPPT

An inexpensive alternative with high daily yield through MPPT technology

DCsolar Power Set EBL


Inexpensive alternative special for vehicles with an EBL-Block

DCsolar Power Set PWM


Inexpensive alternative for optimum charging of the batteries

DCsolar Ecolux Set

SOLARA Komplettset

An inexpensive alternative – a bestseller in tested quality

DCsolar solar panels with frame

Solar panels with frames are for easy installation with SOLARA mounting systems or other constructions. The stable aluminium frame of the DCsolar solar panels is very robust, absolutely weather and salt water-resistant. The framework gives the solar panel the necessary stability for free and back-ventilated mounting and protects against mechanical stress such as wind, snow, etc.

DCsolar Power E-Series

SOLARA DCsolar Power E-Serie

An inexpensive alternative – high-quality with back-contact solar cells

DCsolar Ecolux-Series

SOLARA DCsolar Ecolus-Serie

An inexpensive alternative – with 4 or 6 extra monocrystalline solar cells

Solar panels without frame – light, flexible and flat

DCsolar Power Flex

Solar panels without frames are glued or screwed directly onto the vehicle roof or boat deck. The DCsolar panels are walkable on stable ground. The surface is non-slip and dirt-repellent.

SOLARA DCsolar Power Flex

DCsolar mobile solar panels – light and foldable

DCsolar Power Move – the mobile economy solar panel

The DCsolar solar modules of the Power Move series are used wherever fixed installation is not possible. Ideal for motorhomes, campers and caravans, but of course also on boats and sailing yachts. In remote areas of the earth, on expeditions and adventure tours, these DCsolar solar panels are used for independent power generation.

SOLARA mobile Solarmodule DCsolar Power Move

Our commitment – your benefit!

25 years

For more than 25 years we have been specialists in off-grid power supply with photovoltaics.

The company has its headquarters in Hamburg, is a shareholder from Northern Germany and develops its products itself.

The products are sold exclusively by authorised specialist dealers at home and abroad.

SOLARA Engagement

Product development

Influences of German research and innovations characterise the products. Constant further developments with new technologies, production processes and materials are the basis for the ongoing development of technology and application requirements.

Therefore we are the technology leader in the photovoltaic market of off-grid systems, off-grid applications or stand-alone systems.

SOLARA Produktentwicklung


Essentially we have products for three areas of application:

  • Leisure sectors such as sailing boats, yachts, campers, vans and holiday homes/garden houses
  • Electrification of remote regions without adequate infrastructure. Especially in undeveloped countries, but also for research stations and expeditions in remote areas of the world
  • Technical applications such as maritime aids for navigation, radio stations, parking ticket machines, emergency telephones etc.

High-quality charging electronics, memory, mounting systems etc. round off the range of our products

SOLARA Solarstrom Landschaft

Our motto

DC means direct current. Every solar module generates a direct current. DCsolar stands for the direct use of direct current from solar energy to charge batteries. e.g. your motorhome.

Our motto is to develop innovations to make solar power sustainable. With this renewable energy, we want to create a future worth living.

SOLARA Solarstrom Landschaft

Solar power good for our environment

Solar power is environmentally friendly and produces no emissions. Fossil fuels and also uranium are scarce and finite. If the energy demand continues to increase as it has been doing so far (2.2%/a), the reserves of coal, natural gas, oil and uranium will be exhausted before the end of this century. Prices will continue to rise. Extraction and consumption are also harmful to the climate and the environment.

With a solar plant, you generate environmentally friendly electricity. It reduces the climate-damaging Co2 emissions. That is good for everyone. Your children and the environment will thank you for it.

SOLARA Solarstrom ist gut für die Umwelt

Unlimited energy from the sun

The sun provides infinite energy and will continue to shine for at least four billion years.

The silicon used to manufacture solar cells is the second most common element on earth after oxygen. Solar energy can replace all fossil energy worldwide.