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Flat solar panels
Solara offers new, particularly flat solar panels. They are only three millimetres thick and weigh four to five kilograms. The flat design means that they should be easy to bend and, above all, should not generate any additional noise while driving. The panels are also equipped with a transparent and weatherproof, dirt-repellent special film. Advantage: They do not need to be cleaned and are not prone to falling rocks. So that the panel builds up enough voltage to charge the battery even at very high temperatures, Solara equips it with significantly more than the usual 36 cells.

In addition, the company deliberately does not use the silver conductor tracks on the surface of the cells so that more light falls on the monocrystalline high-performance cells. As a result, the solar panel should generate over 20 percent more electricity than conventional solar panels on the same area. The panel is available in three sizes with an output of up to 140 watts peak. In summer, it can generate an average of 560 watt-hours of electricity a day. The module costs 938 euros.