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New solar modules
SOLARA M-series solar modules (flat, semi-flexible, without frame for sticking on and walking on) now with 7% more power and in ten different power classes.

SOLARA now has ten different solar modules of this type with outputs between 12 and 150 watts and a weight starting at 900 grams.

SOLARA solar modules without frames can simply be glued or screwed on directly. With a stable surface and flat mounting, the solar modules of the M series can be walked on and are non-slip. A mounting system is not necessary. In addition, these solar modules are slightly flexible and therefore ideal for sailing boats. Since the solar modules are particularly flat without a frame, the superstructure is not raised and there is no tripping hazard.

The solar modules of the SOLARA m-series and Power M-series have around 7% more power due to more powerful crystalline solar cells. The more powerful Power M-series solar modules have over 23% efficiency due to monocrystalline SunPower solar cells with rear contacts. In addition, due to a large number of cells, the M-series has a higher voltage, which provides sufficient voltage to efficiently charge a 12 V battery even at high temperatures.

The unchanged and proven module construction with ETFE edge-welded front and back foil, hotspot cell protector with protective diodes and innovative cell binders ensure long service life. SOLARA provides a five-year product guarantee. The solar modules of the SOLARA M series have been manufactured in Germany with the implementation of innovations for over 20 years and have proven themselves on sailing boats, sea marks, expeditions and much more.

All SOLARA solar modules are robust, absolutely weather and salt water-resistant.

The lightweight solar modules without frames (SOLARA M-Series and Power M-Series, as well as DCSolar Power Flex) are available from specialist dealers from 289 euros.