Semi-flexible flat vs. frame modules

Glass frame or semi-flexible flat module? Both systems produce reliable electricity and have different strengths. As a general rule, both concepts have high-quality high-end modules on the market as well as ratty Chinese scrap. The latter will not survive for long on the roof of a camper. In the case of solar panels, the guiding principle is probably even more obvious: If you buy (too) cheap, you buy twice. But you also have to dismantle (flat modules) and reassemble them, which is particularly troublesome.

Glass frame modules (example: Solara Power S series)

The robust 160 Wp module of the Solara Power S series weighs around 9.5 kilograms and costs around 760 euros with a performance guarantee of 20 years.
+ cheaper than flat modules
+ optimally ventilated due to mounting on solar spoilers
+ Under-ventilation optimises efficiency
+ versions with glass of proven and robust quality
+/- cannot be walked on (except Solara S series)
+/- more susceptible to branch contact (except Solara S series)
– More complex installation due to the use of solar spoilers
– heavier (module + bracket)
– significantly higher (65 mm) than flat modules (5 mm)